MHS MaRS MKIII Marine Geophysical System

hydrographic surveying

Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys Pty Ltd (MHS) is pleased to announce the introduction of its new MKIII Very High Resolution 2D Marine Reflection Geophysical (MaRS) system.

MHS MaRS high resolution Geophysical systems have been developed to address the growing need for port development and marine infrastructure engineering investigations to acquire higher resolution geophysical data to a greater depth of penetration and through harder materials than commonly associated with traditional Sub Bottom Profiling systems.

The MaRS MKIII system based on the success of the MHS MaRS MKII system and well proven 2D seismic technology from the offshore oil and gas industry provides an even more portable and easily deployable system for acquiring full fold multi channel geophysical data in challenging environments even from small vessels.

The MaRS MKIII system is compatible with a range of available seismic sources including BOOMER and SPARKER to suit survey requirements.

The MaRS MKIII negates the delays in obtaining the environmental approvals associated with using even a single low powered Air Gun as the Seismic Source.

The mapping and characterisation of sub-seabed reflectors and units together with the acquisition of P-Wave velocities provides valuable information for engineering projects such as dredging, piling, offshore drill rig site surveys and the construction of marine infrastructure.

Mapping and Hydrographic Surveys Pty Ltd has recently completed Multi-beam Bathymetry, Side Scan Sonar and MaRS MKIII 2D Marine Reflection Geophysical Surveys for the development of a port in Papua New Guinea using a local 7-metre vessel of opportunity.