NORBIT’s new multi beam echo sonar system

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Technology is ever changing, to stay current, a continual investment in the latest technology is important, this also applies to hydrographic surveying equipment. Here is our newest technology addition, the new NORBIT multi-beam echo sonar system.



Evolving with the Technological Advancements


Our philosophy at Mapping & Hydrographic Surveys Pty Ltd (MHS) is that “just because we have been doing something for a while doesn’t necessarily mean it is the best way to do it”.

We continually assess all areas of our operation to ensure we remain up-to-date in procedures, equipment, performance and quality. MHS strives to provide the best possible service to our clients, in the most effective way. This includes constantly upgrading to operate with the latest technologies.



NORBIT Turnkey Multibeam Sonar System


NORBIT, the sensor equipment designer, has developed a new multibeam echo sonar system called the iWBMS Turnkey Multibeam Sonar System. This new system is a part of their WBMS-series, which centres around a flexible sonar platform that utilises the most recent technology in analogue and digital signal processing.

The iWBMS Turnkey Multibeam Sonar System is more compact than its predecessor, offers higher-resolution bathymetry and is a state-of-the-art curved array design.   

Applications of the updated NORBIT iWBMS Turnkey Multibeam Sonar System include:

  • Pipeline Surveys
  • Shallow Water Bathymetry
  • Pond, River and Estuary Surveys
  • Harbor and Lake Surveys
  • USV & UUV
  • MCM & Littoral Combat Zone Surveys
  • Open Ocean Coastal Surveys

For more information on the specifics of the multi-beam echo sounder, NORBIT has an informative brochure.



Technology Investment


MHS has invested in the high-end turnkey integrated Multibeam Echo Sonar (Mbes), which enables the highest available resolution when carrying out bathymetric surveying. Having the latest technology allows MHS to provide clients with the highest quality data. MHS has been successfully using the new integrated NORBIT Mbes all around Australia and in Papa New Guinea. Nelson from MHS has been enjoying having the new system, “It’s been great! We can quickly and easily mobilise it to boats anywhere in the world.”


Continual Development


The technological advancements of MHS do not stop with our new Mbes, we will be investing in the NORBIT iLiDAR Laser very soon. This laser is a Turnkey Integrated Mobile LiDAR system, which allows for complete above water point cloud. This laser is an important purchase as it is currently the most compact terrestrial mapping sensor, and is the ideal tool for mapping above water surface terrain for a complete picture from a single pass. This will improve our capabilities and our efficiency. You can find more information on the on the NORBIT iLiDAR Laser here.


With over forty years of surveying experience, MHS is a reliable provider of major port surveys, scientific mapping, dredging surveys and investigation surveys for new port developments and channels. For a comprehensive list of all our mapping, monitoring and hydrographic survey services visit our website’s services page. If you have any questions regarding our new Multibeam echo sonar system or the services we provide, please don’t hesitate to contact us