Mapping & Hydrographic Surveys Pty Ltd commitment to its clients is to provide a quality service at a highly competitive cost. We specialise in:


Bathymetry & Charting Surveys

MHS provides bathymetry and charting services for all navigation, development, and reconnaissance purposes. Equipment ranges from highly portable singlebeam sounding units to state-of-the-art multibeam systems.


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Current Metering

MHS provides a complete current metering service to measure and monitor current speeds and direction for any marine purpose.


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Precision Navigation & Positioning

MHS provides precise navigation for all positioning requirements by adopting the latest Differential GPS technologies. MHS DGPS positioning systems, echo sounding systems and other sensors are interfaced with MHS dedicated navigation software to provide online navigation, data logging and real time quality control monitoring.


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Side Scan Sonar Surveys

MHS utilises state-of-the-art high resolution digital side scan sonar and software for object/hazard detection and image mosaicing and measurement.


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Offshore Construction Surveys

MHS provides a full range of services to support the offshore industry. We capability to perform rig site surveys, pipeline and cable route surveys, and pipeline monitoring surveys.


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Marine Geophysical Surveys

MHS performs Geophysical Surveys for maritime/coastal engineering investigations and design, foundation and dredging assessments, submarine pipeline/cable route and monitoring surveys, and offshore structures/platforms/drill-rig locations.

MHS has developed a High Resolution 2D Marine Reflection Seismic (MaRS) System for use in medium to very shallow water to acquire higher resolution geophysical stratification and P-wave velocity data to a greater depth of penetration and through harder materials. MHS also operates 3.5kHz and 10kHz Pinger and Chirp Sub Bottom Profiling and 500Hz Boomer systems for projects requiring shallow penetration.


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Seabed coring & Sampling

MHS can provide grab samples, shallow cores, vibro-coring and boreholes as well as sediment and core analysis.


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Tidal Studies

MHS can provide short and long term gauging and analysis for the establishment of tidal planes and datums, datum transfers and determination of tidal constituents utilising fully submersible and shore based tide gauges and dedicated tidal analysis software.


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Environmental Monitoring

MHS provides long and short term monitoring programs for assessment of impacts of coastal developments and mining on the environment including dredge plume monitoring, outfall monitoring, spills, river system discharge, seabed differentiation and sand resource investigation for reclamation, estuary and river management, channel and port siltation studies, coastal erosion and management, and tailings dam capacity and monitoring surveys.


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MHS maintains a fleet of specialised survey vessels available for harbour or coastal deployment. Vessels of opportunity are utilised where necessary and our equipment can easily be transferred from vessel to vessel.