Current Metering

MHS provides a complete current metering service to measure and monitor current speeds and direction for any marine purpose.

Key Benefits

  • MHS adopts the latest in current metering technologies;
  • Accurate and reliable measurements;
  • Real time monitoring and long term deployments;
  • Experienced personnel.
Current graph


MHS has the capability to meet all current and stream flow study requirements in the marine environment. MHS provides current profiling, long term fixed metering, and drogue tracking field measurement as well as complete reporting services.



Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler (ADCP) is utilised by MHS to obtain current velocities and flows within the marine environment. The system can be operated in a stationary mode or at speeds of up to 3 knots. A user selectable cell size and averaging interval gives MHS control over the collected profile and its accuracy. Impeller type current meters are also used where applicable to measure velocity and direction in the vertical profile. Data is provided in Ascii, tabular and plot form.

Fixed current metering units are also deployed for short and long term monitoring. Data is stored internally and later downloaded for viewing and analysis.

Drogue tracking services are also available for the determination of surface current characteristics within a specified area. Data is provided as track plots plans.