Seabed Coring & Sampling

Seabed coring and sampling is carried out to support and enhance topographical and geophysical seabed investigations. Techniques include grab sampling, shallow coring, vibro-coring, boreholes, and all sediment and core analysis.

Key Benefits

  • Seabed differentiation and sediment definition;
  • Shallow and deep coring to define sub seabed material for geotechnical investigations;
  • Analysis and reporting of all sediment and core samples by experienced personnel.


MHS has the capability to define seabed sediments, sub seabed strata and analysis and report on all sediment and core samples collected in the field.


Seabed sediment samples taken with a 10 Kg Van Veen grab sampler.

Coring to define sub seabed material is taken by a 100 Kg gravity drop core sampler. Vibro-coring and geotechnical drilling can also be supported by MHS to obtain deep seabed penetration.

MHS provides a full analysis and reporting service on all sediment and core samples taken in the field.